Number 4: The Four F’s

March 31, 2020 By Admin

Although we are not connecting as much in person while practicing social distancing, we can still make time to connect in other ways. It is imperative to make sure we are still connecting to the 4 F’s: Family, Friends, Faith, and Fun!!!   

Some of us are quarantined with family.  Take advantage of this additional family time.  Do all the things (around the house) that you have always wanted to do; like cleaning the garage, downsizing closets, rearrange furniture.  This is a good time to create new normal, like eating dinner together at the dinner table, work outside in the yard once a week, etc.  

Friends for many are like family, so we should not dismiss them.  We can still connect through social media, emails, text, and calls. My favorite right now is video calling! Think outside the box and discover ways to stay connected with friends. For example, I have always worked out with my bestie, who lives 3 hours away, through phone calls.  We enjoy the same activity but from a distance.  

Faith is that substance that grounds so many who believe. Regardless of your religious affiliation, our faith leads us to a hope that is an invaluable life necessity.  As a Christian, I use scripture to help me thought stop and it also challenges my negative and irrational thoughts.  One scripture promise that I use often is “For all things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His purpose”  Romans 8:28.  I am quickly reminded that regardless of what it looks like, it is going to work out in my favor. I trust and believe the scriptures and it has always worked out for my good. I focus my energy on positive (faith) and dismiss negative energy (fear). Universal laws agree that we can’t be sad if we focus on positive thoughts and actions: thinking about what we are grateful for, looking forward to plans, and participating in acts of kindness.   

Again, you will not be sad or anxious for too long, if you are having fun!  When we are enjoying ourselves, regardless of the activity, our brain is having a happy hormone party.  The more fun we have as individuals, the more fun we will all have.  Energy does not die, it transfers! Therefore, we can generate more feelings of wellbeing by engaging in fun activities.  Have you ever watched innocent children playing and having fun?  And you find yourself smiling?  This is energy transferring at work. Let’s have fun and spread that energy all around! 

Natashia Slack is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned her Bachelor’s in Public Relations from The University of Louisiana at Monroe and her Master’s in Community Counseling from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans. She has a passion for healing others, especially children. With her 17 years of counseling experience, she loves to mentor and teach other counselors with the hopes of reaching more individuals with quality care. When she isn’t working, she loves to sing, dance, and spend time with her family. Natashia is excited to continue helping and inspiring others!

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