Robin & Rainbows

April 29, 2020 By Admin

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the distance and wondered how long it would take to reach it? “Am I almost there?” “Where does it start?” “Where does it end?” 

I had just dropped Jacob, my son, at Temple Day School and was not having a very good morning. After getting in the car, I started crying and wishing I could just go home. Needing to get to work, I entered the highway and headed to Beaumont on Highway 69. Just as I turned the corner by the 73/69 clover leaf, I spotted a rainbow in the distance. Immediately my tears cleared, and I began to think to myself that maybe the day wasn’t going to be so bad. 

As I continued down 69, close to Central Mall, the rainbow seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. Right as I went over Jimmy Johnson - I drove right through the rainbow! THROUGH IT! The beginning and the end - my car, my tears, my uncertainty went through the rainbow. I had this chill - shock of emotion come over me. 

I had to pull over to the side of the highway to take a breath - feeling a sensation of calm and peace - an overwhelming understanding the He was covering me - taking my beginning and end and creating this beautiful rainbow. Reminding me of His timing for my day. Reminding me He would take over and that if I trusted Him it would all be o.k. 

When getting to my office, I quickly google “bible verses about rainbows” with Genesis 9:16 popping up -  "Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” 

God has placed a covenant between us - He will always be with us - especially in those times of tears and uncertainty. Just as many of you - I stand in awe at rainbows - their beginning and end - and mostly their in between - always wondering who will drive through like I did. Continue to look toward the rainbows - 


With Glorious Colors-

About the Author

Robin McCutcheon, MEd. is Samaritan Counseling Center’s Executive Director. She is a Lamar University and McNeese State University graduate. Her career has spanned public school teaching, regional, state and national educational consulting, program evaluation and effectiveness, and higher education teaching and field experience coordination. Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Robin has loved raising her children around friends, family and her church community. She spends most of her time attending events for her children, nieces and nephews alongside her family and friends. Robin finds her greatest joy in serving others and finding ways to empower those around her to find their purpose. 

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