April 22, 2022 By Admin

Did you know that sometimes saying “No” is taking care of yourself? I hear “No” sometimes – when I "escape" as the humans call it or when providing security by barking at the postal worker. But many times, “No” can be a positive word. When you are physically and emotionally exhausted – take time for a walk or a nap, maybe call a friend to talk, or maybe just sit and enjoy the fresh air as I like to do.  These brief moments of saying “no” gives your soul time replenish for the next day. 

~ Foster Grant

Foster Grant is a therapy dog at Samaritan Counseling Center. He was adopted from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas in May of 2021 by Samaritan's Executive Director, Robin. Foster earned 2nd place in his Dog Obedience Training and then went on to become an American Kennel Club Registered Therapy Dog and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. His office duties include running security, joining counseling sessions, and reminding the humans to take their breaks. Foster enjoys going on walks with his humans, meeting new friends, and chasing ducks around the pond.

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