September 28, 2022 By Admin

YEP! This is what my anxiety looks like! SHREDDING STUFF UP! When I am left alone or my humans are busy, I am anxious that I have been forgotten so I tear up paper. Luckily, I don’t tear furniture 😊

The humans around me sometimes raise their voices when they are frustrated. Like when I decide to do what they call “running away”.  That is how I deal with anxiety sometimes – I run! Instead of shredding or running away, I find it best to lay in my bed and close my eyes. My humans play quiet music sometimes too.  

~ Foster Grant  


Foster Grant is a therapy dog at Samaritan Counseling Center. He was adopted from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas in May of 2021 by Samaritan’s Executive Director, Robin. Foster earned 2nd place in his Dog Obedience Training and then went on to become an American Kennel Club Registered Therapy Dog and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. His office duties include running security, joining counseling sessions, and reminding the humans to take their breaks. Foster enjoys going on walks with his humans, meeting new friends, and chasing ducks around the pond.


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