February 23, 2023 By Admin

There are times when I just need to be alone; other times I don’t know my purpose –
Am I living up to the life I was meant to live?
It is in these times; I crawl under the bed and hide. Maybe no one will see my sadness.

I am grateful for the humans around me that help me find my joy –
usually with my orange squishy ball or a walk outside.
Depression looks different for everyone, what does yours look like?

Whatever it is, be ok with your sadness, but don’t stay there too long.
There are squirrels to chase and UPS drivers to run after! 

~ Foster Grant 

Foster Grant is a therapy dog at Samaritan Counseling Center. He was adopted from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas in May of 2021 by Samaritan's Executive Director, Robin. Foster earned 2nd place in his Dog Obedience Training and then went on to become an American Kennel Club Registered Therapy Dog and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. His office duties include running security, joining counseling sessions, and reminding the humans to take their breaks. Foster enjoys going on walks with his humans, meeting new friends, and chasing ducks around the pond.

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