Healthy Eating

November 22, 2022 By Admin


I love all kinds of snacks – crackers, cookies, kolaches, most of all PUP CUPS!

The holidays are upon us and it is real easy to enjoy all the goodies that are coming. The humans in my life say I can’t have them every day. What the fluff?!

I work hard – I provide love and support not just for clients, but for the staff too. I keep them safe from the USPS, UPS, FedEX, anything in a truck, ducks, birds and thunder.  My humans say I have to eat the nutritional stuff first since it has vitamins and minerals to keep my body and brain strong.  I guess if I am to keep up with rounding up the ducks, I have to stay in shape.

So that we can all be our best selves, make sure you put fruits, vegetables and protein on your plate EVERY day. Also – HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! It will help you sleep better, your brain be clearer, and your body feel like moving. All of this will give you a better outlook on the day.

Today is a new day to give up that extra cookie for a carrot stick!

Foster Grant is a therapy dog at Samaritan Counseling Center. He was adopted from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas in May of 2021 by Samaritan's Executive Director, Robin. Foster earned 2nd place in his Dog Obedience Training and then went on to become an American Kennel Club Registered Therapy Dog and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. His office duties include running security, joining counseling sessions, and reminding the humans to take their breaks. Foster enjoys going on walks with his humans, meeting new friends, and chasing ducks around the pond.

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