Increasing Your Feeling of Self-Worth

February 9, 2021 By Admin

Make a 'Brain Dump' List 

By getting all your thoughts and obligations out on paper, it frees up space in your brain. It also helps you prioritize your tasks by importance and deadlines. This is not to be used as another never-ending, impossible to-do list. This is just for your mental clarity. 

Set Achievable Goals 

After reflecting on your obligations and responsibilities, it is important to be realistic with yourself and your current abilities. In times of uncertainty, the risk of becoming imbalanced is much greater. Take that into consideration and give yourself grace. Achieving daily goals increases your self-trust and confidence. 

Set Clear Boundaries and Enforce Them  

It's important to remember setting boundaries around your time and commitments is an act of love, not only to yourself but to those around you. By setting and enforcing boundaries, it allows you to show up as your best self. 

Make a List of Things You've Accomplished 

You can do this daily or weekly but taking inventory of your accomplishments will help you feel productive and purposeful. It gives you proof of your own capabilities. It allows you to keep yourself accountable and give credit where it is due. 

Forgive Yourself for Mistakes 

Being hard on yourself during these times doesn't serve you. This has been a learning curve for everyone, and no one is expected to be perfect. Try your best and know that it's always enough. 

Celebrate Small Wins 

Seemingly small tasks add up over time. There is no accomplishment too small to celebrate. Each time you follow through with a commitment you are building resilience. Building these muscles helps you see the world more clearly and realistically, as well as improve your overall mood. 

Hope Guidry, BA, is a Case Manager at Samaritan Counseling Center. She graduated from Lamar University and began a career of online coaching when she was 19-years-old. She completed her 200-hour yoga certification over her summer breaks while in college and learned many valuable life lessons. This lead to helping others on their journey. She also completed an internship at Girl's Haven in Beaumont where she feels she learned a tremendous amount. She has always had a desire to help others and feels Samaritan gives her that opportunity. Her goal is to apply for graduate school and she is looking forward to seeing where that will lead her. Hope finds her greatest joy in leading by example and showing up for people when they need her most.

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