Ways You Can Support Samaritan’s Work

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy: Foster, our new Therapy Dog, loves to sit in on sessions to help clients feel comfortable and safe while in therapy. These funds help us keep Foster healthy and safe!

  • Clinical Sessions for Families: Many of our clinicians involve the entire family in the healing process. These funds will go towards helping families pay for these sessions.

  • Clinical Sessions for Children: In 2020, 46% of Samaritan's clients were under the age of 18. These funds help parents provide necessary services for their children.

  • Play Therapy Supplies: Samaritan offers Play Therapy at all 4 of our office locations. These funds will help us keep our toys, art supplies and games up to date and tidy!

  • Wellness Program: Our Wellness Team screens local high school students for mental health concerns. Some of these students will receive case management and others will receive counseling. These funds will help us continue providing this program.