June 14, 2023 By Admin
Flags bring color to overcast days, and we all see some people going through some days when they could use more color and variety than they have at present,
and sometimes we can help them find some more color when they could sure use it.
Flags can fly free, dancing in the breeze on a Spring day. Many we see in our lives could use more of that and its fun to see when they achieve some of that.
Flags can signal or survive some great storms, and battles, maybe battered but still there,
like the Stars and Stripes at Fort McHenry. We can help people honor the flags of their survival and endurance through the stories they share with us.
Sometimes people need help spotting the Red Flags in their lives, and we can often help them with that, through the combination of our training and our experience.
Flags represent unique identities. We can help people claim their distinctiveness, or even the multiple flags up and down the pole that together represent them,
as well as the ways flags can work well together in displays of unity and peace. Maybe help them learn when to assert and when to join together.
Sometimes our locations and name have been like a safe harbor marked with flags for the people we see.

Paul Alexander has been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 27 years, the last 16 years at Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas. He has a background as a pastor, hospital chaplain and in Mental Health crisis services. He loves history, nature, travel, childhood toys and figurines. He particularly likes helping people examine and refine their thinking patterns.

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