Yes You MAY – Take Time for Mental Wellness

May 17, 2022 By Admin

Mother May I?  Yes, you MAY!!! Yes ~ you may ~ you must take care of your mental, emotional self.

So often we take the time for a physical checkup or a check in with friends and family; but we push aside our own worries, fears, and grief. When we experience a traumatic event or a series of traumatic events our physical self begins to shut down. Maybe foggy thoughts, stomach aches, sleepless nights. Some experience irritability, anger or just wanting to crawl in bed.  

We face struggles and life challenges every day. How we choose to manage those struggles allows us to be a productive member in our families and within our communities. When we break an arm we go to the ER, we have regular dental checkups and even beauty shop visits.  

There is support in your community – give yourself permission to take time for YOU!

Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas promotes mental wellness of all kinds: individual and family therapy, Christian counseling, yoga/mindfulness practices, spiritual connections and overall physical wellness. Preventative measures you can take to support a healthy, full life filled with simple joy. Our staff is available to meet you where you are most comfortable. 

Click here or scan below to take a free, anonymous wellness screening. It will provide follow-up resources if needed.

Give yourself permission to take time for You – Yes You Can! 

Robin McCutcheon, MEd. is Samaritan Counseling Center’s Executive Director. She is a Lamar University and McNeese State University graduate. Her career has spanned public school teaching, regional, state and national educational consulting, program evaluation and effectiveness, and higher education teaching and field experience coordination. Born and raised in Southeast Texas, Robin has loved raising her children around friends, family and her church community. She spends most of her time attending events for her children, nieces and nephews alongside her family and friends. Robin finds her greatest joy in serving others and finding ways to empower those around her to find their purpose. 

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