May 6, 2022 By Admin

Do you have any idea how much sleep you are supposed to get every night? Dogs need 12 – 14 hours! Celebrate that Pups! Rest allows our brains and muscles to rejuvenate – allows our souls to recharge. In order for us to live our best lives – we must restore our energy. It takes a lot to chase the ducks – I can’t let up or they will forget who is in charge of the pond. I am sad for humans that don’t take their rest time because we pups sure feel energized after a good nap. I know you have busy lives with work and family, but try to get a good 8 hours at night – you can thank me later (PS I love treats).  

~ Foster Grant  

Foster Grant is a therapy dog at Samaritan Counseling Center. He was adopted from The Humane Society of Southeast Texas in May of 2021 by Samaritan's Executive Director, Robin. Foster earned 2nd place in his Dog Obedience Training and then went on to become an American Kennel Club Registered Therapy Dog and American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. His office duties include running security, joining counseling sessions, and reminding the humans to take their breaks. Foster enjoys going on walks with his humans, meeting new friends, and chasing ducks around the pond.

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